Will & June Cone Savadge Memorial Fund

Will & June Cone Savadge Memorial Fund

Will and June Cone SavadgeThis memorial fund has been created by the family of Will and June Cone Savadge of Hudson, WI.

Will was General Manager of the Duro Bag Manufacturing Company and founder/president of the Hudson Paper Company. He was also an author, publishing his first children’s book “Princess Helene” (1961) and in his 90’s “The Covered Bridge – and Other Poems” that included, a special poem written “For J,” his wife.

June and Will shared a lifelong love for books. A graduate of Hendrix College and The Juilliard School, June taught fourth grade and was a regional director of the Girl Scouts of America.

The two were very active in the Hudson community. Some of their volunteer work included: serving on the hospital board, giving readings at the library and at Chapter 2 Books, founding the Philosophical Gentlemen, creating an award for outstanding teachers, and involvement in the Daybreak Rotary, Woman’s Club, AAUW, the League of Woman Voters, the Hudson Home & Garden Club and the Valley Arts Guild. They also gave generously to the Hudson Hospital, Hudson Boosters, the Phipps Center, the Library, local churches and to the St. Croix YMCA.

Will Savadge, who passed away in May 2013, and wife June, who preceded him ten months before, became members of the Hudson community in 1979. The two cherished each other through 71 years of marriage and enjoyed spending their last 34 years residing in Hudson.

The Savadge family: daughters, Deborah (New York City) and Helen (Princeville, Hawaii) have worked with the Hudson Library to create a memorial fund in honor of their parents. Funds will be used to support the library where copies of Will's books can also be found. Donations for the Will & June Cone Savadge Fund can be addressed to the Hudson Area Library, 700 First Street, Hudson, WI 54016.